Find Out If Your Current or Former Employer Owes You Unpaid Wages, Overtime & Additional Damages


We practice wage & hour law. In fact, that’s all we do. Overtime Lawyer Jack Siegel founded the Siegel Law Group PLLC (“SLG”) to represent workers whose employers rip them off by failing to pay them proper overtime and other wages. When his mother got ripped off for overtime wages as a customer service representative for CVS Health, he ended up having a potential class of 14,000 customer service representatives conditionally certified against the Health Care Giant. 

SLG’s clients range from oilfield workers to credit repair workers to nurses. Regardless of the client, we always have one goal when we file a lawsuit:

Getting our clients the most unpaid wages, overtime and additional damages possible.

A. Overtime Lawyer: Current Lawsuits

Overtime Lawyer Jack Siegel represents workers in a wide range of fields and occupations. The Siegel Law Group has represented or currently represents employees in the oil & gas, customer service, mortgage, medical, adult entertainment, credit repair, and sales industries. We currently represent or have represented clients against the following companies:

You can find more about these lawsuits by exploring this website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, call us at (214) 749-1400, or email us at

B. Overtime Lawyer: Cases We Commonly Handle

Overtime Lawyer Jack Siegel & SLG know the bag of tricks employers use to trick employees out of their hard earned wages.  We see the following types of wage violations on a regular basis:

  • Paying oilfield casing workers piece rate, footage or per-job pay, but not counting those hours towards overtime;
  • Misclassifying oilfield workers and paying them a salary with no additional overtime compensation; 
  • Misclassifying nurses performing utilization review and paying them a salary, but not overtime compensation;
  • Failing to pay customer service agents for pre-shift and post-shift work;
  • Paying hourly employees bonuses, but not including those bonuses in the regular rate to increase overtime paid to employees; 
  • Failing to pay in-house commissioned employees overtime;
  • Failing to pay employees for interrupted lunches. 

Many other types of wage and hour violations happen everyday. We do our best to make sure that they do not happen again one case at a time.

C. Overtime Lawyer: No Cost Unless He Wins

Overtime Lawyer Jack Siegel does not make you pay any money up front to start a case. Instead he puts skin in the game. If Jack takes on your case, he’ll take it on a contingency basis. This means that you owe us nothing and we lose money unless we win your case. Our overtime lawyers like this structure because it allows us to align our interests with those of our clients.

  • Yan Margolin
    Jack is a knowledgeable attorney who litigates aggressively on his clients' behalf. He is competent in his field of law and cares about the clients he represents.
    Yan Margolin, New York Litigator
  • Ruby Powers
    Jack is a knowledgeable attorney who litigates aggressively on his clients' behalf. He is competent in his field of law and cares about the clients he represents.
    Ruby Powers, Houston Attorney
  • Colby Lewis
    Jack is a passionate advocate for his clients. Having worked across the table from his in a high-stakes, commercial vehicle case, I saw first hand his tenacity and skill.
    Colby Lewis, Opposing Counsel
  • Travis Hedgpeth
    Jack is an accomplished attorney both at the negotiation table and in the courtroom. He tenaciously fights hard for each and every one of his clients to optimize maximize their recovery.
    Travis Hedgpeth, Houston Attorney
  • Zein Obagi
    Jack is a hard working, ethical attorney who has developed great skill in civil litigation matters. He provides value based representation to his clients, and is my go-to choice for local counsel in Dallas. He knows his way in the courts, and drives his clients' matters hard towards positive results.
    Zein Obagi, California Litigator
  • Nathaniel Kelly
    Jack, if anything, is a fighter who, most importantly, get results. The other side will rarely see him coming and will often quickly compromise in the face of his will and determination. Everyone wants a dog in their corner; Jack will undoubtedly protect his clients. I wholeheartedly endorse this lawyer.
    Nathaniel Kelly, California Co-Counsel
  • Kevin Baucom
    Jack is a very good civil litigator and personal injury attorney with great advocacy skills. We worked on opposite sides of a high profile, personal injury matter in federal court. His professionalism and advocacy earn good results and the respect of his peers.
    Kevin Baucom, Opposing Counsel
  • hagood-law-firm
    Jack Siegel is a top notch attorney and litigator whose work ethic and intelligence is greatly admired and respected throughout the legal community. Having personally worked with Jack, I can strongly attest to the aforementioned and recommend his legal services to anyone needing effective representation.
    Jared Hagood, Co-Counsel
    Hagood Law Firm