Heller Casing Overtime Investigation

We need help with an unpaid overtime investigation we have initiated for current and former Heller Casing Service, Inc. (“Heller Casing”) employees who earned pay based on the footage of casing installed (“Footage Pay”) at any time over the last three years.

We initiated this Heller Casing Overtime Investigation after multiple former Heller Casing employees who earned Footage Pay informed us of potential overtime violations at the company. Based on conversations with these former Heller Casing employees, we believe that Heller Casing may have failed to pay proper overtime to many or all of its employees who received Footage Pay compensation during their employment.

We specifically believe that Heller Casing may have violated Federal Overtime Law and specifically the Fair Labor Standards Act by paying casing employees Footage Pay, but

  • Not counting hours spent doing work for Footage Pay towards overtime; and
  • Not paying a high enough overtime rate because it failed to add Footage Pay to other earnings to calculate the overtime rate paid to workers.

We, however, need to speak with other Heller Casing Employees to validate these claims. In order to do so, we need to speak to individuals that worked for Heller Casing over the past three years.

A. Heller Casing Overtime Investigation: The Stakes

Based on estimates from our clients in other cases against casing services companies–including Wyoming Casing and American Casing–we believe that individuals paid Footage Pay may be due over a thousand dollars per pay period (doubled amount recoverable under federal statute) of their employment if Heller Casing violated federal overtime laws.

B. Heller Casing Overtime Investigation: Info Needed

Because these wages mean a lot to the individuals we are conducting this investigation for, we would like to speak to you about your experience working for Heller Casing. Specifically, we would like to ask you about the following during a short 5-10 minute phone call:

  • Whether Heller Casing failed to count the hours performing casing work for Footage Pay towards total overtime hours worked;
  • Whether Heller Casing paid for all “Standby” Hours;
  • Whether Heller Casing included Footage Pay to determine overtime rates;
  • Whether Heller Casing paid an hourly wage, day rate, or salary for non-Footage Pay work; and
  • The location(s) and position(s) you worked while employed by Heller Casing.

With your help, we can make sure that all eligible categories of former and current Heller Casing employees are covered by any litigation resulting from the investigation. Your assistance may also help us obtain the right to send out a notice to eligible individuals to let them know about their right to join a federal overtime lawsuit against Heller Casing, should one be filed.

C. Heller Casing Overtime Investigation: Contact Us

Please contact us about the Heller Casing Overtime Investigation by giving us a call at 214.749.1400 or toll free at 866.949.1400. If you prefer, you can also email Derek, Jack, or Jay at the following email addresses:

Derek Braziel:jdbraziel@l-b-law.com

Jay Forester: forester@l-b-law.com

Jack Siegel: jack@siegellawgroup.biz

We appreciate your time and consideration regarding this important investigation and look forward to speaking to you soon.


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