Black Star Energy Services Lawsuit: Unpaid Overtime Wages

The Siegel Law Group PLLC and Lee & Braziel, LLP have filed a lawsuit against Black Star Energy Services, L.L.C. (“Black Star Energy”) on behalf of its mixing plant operators, mixing plant assistant, and pump hands (“Workers”). Specifically, the Black Star Energy Lawsuit alleges that Black Star:

  • Misclassified these Workers as exempt from overtime,
  • Paid these workers hybrid salary plus day rate pay, but
  • Failed to pay them any overtime compensation despite regularly working well in excess of 40 hours per week.

We filed the Black Star Energy lawsuit on behalf of two workers in November of 2015. Since that time, over twenty individuals have joined the suit to pursue their unpaid wage claims. A copy of the lawsuit can be found here.

If you are a former or current Black Star Energy Employee, we recommend that you contact us immediately about your eligibility to join this lawsuit. If you do not file a “consent” to join the Black Star Energy Lawsuit, you will not receive proceeds in this unpaid wage action. You may give us a call at 214.749.1400. 

Department of Labor Investigation Reveals Violations

The Department of Labor recently investigated Black Star Energy and uncovered Fair Labor Standards Act violations for one or more of the individuals that have already joined the Black Star Energy Lawsuit. The Department of Labor investigation, however, did not require Black Star Energy to pay all of the wages due to the Plaintiffs that have joined the lawsuit. The Siegel Law Group is dedicated to ensuring that the Plaintiffs and other individuals that suffered from Black Star’s alleged wage violations obtain the unpaid wages and liquidated damages they deserve under federal law.

Current Employees Protected Under Anti-Retaliation Statute

The Fair Labor Standards Act protects employees, including former employees, that join Fair Labor Standards lawsuits from retaliation. Employers, including Black Star Energy Services in this case, are disallowed from terminating employees or making work so intolerable that an employee is forced to involuntarily resign. Moreover, former employees are protected from their employer interfering with their efforts to obtain employment. If an employer retaliates against an employment, the recoverable damages include lost wages, liquidated damages equal to those lost damages, front pay, reinstatement, and attorney’s fees.

Black Star Energy Lawsuit: Case Information

J. Derek Braziel, Jay Forester, and Jack Siegel represent the potential class of mixing plant operators, mixing plant operator assistants, and pump hands in the lawsuit. The attorneys filed the lawsuit on behalf of Jeffery Chacon, Joseph Bolin, and all similarly situated employees on November 18, 2015. Since the time the lawyers filed the overtime suit, seven former employees have opted into the suit to potentially collect unpaid overtime. The Black Star Energy lawsuit is currently pending in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas, Midland Division, Case No. 7:15-cv-0198.

Black Star Energy Lawsuit: Call Us

Please complete the confidential information form found below or give us a call at (214) 790-4454 to discuss your eligibility for the Black Star Energy lawsuit and your potential overtime wage claims.

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