Clubhouse Lawsuit

The Siegel Law Group and Lee & Braziel LLP joined forces to file a lawsuit against Clubhouse Gentleman’s Club in Dallas on behalf of current and former exotic dancers who worked at the adult entertainment establishment.  The Clubhouse lawsuit alleges that Clubhouse misclassified its exotic dancers to deprive them of earn wages.

The Clubhouse lawsuit specifically alleges that Clubhouse:

  • Misclassified its hourly dancers as independent contractors;
  • Failed to pay dancers an hourly wage;
  • Charged dancers “House Fees;”
  • Required Dancers to share tips with DJs and “House Moms;”
  • Charged Dancers for failing to work on certain days; and
  • Failed to pay Exotic Dancers minimum wage in addition to tips.

The Dallas Morning News recently wrote an article about the Clubhouse lawsuit that you can find here

Please note that if you are a current or former Clubhouse dancer, we recommend that you contact us immediately to pursue your unpaid overtime claim. Failure to do so may disallow you from pursuing your wages in the Clubhouse Lawsuit. Dancers only have up to three years to pursue their overtime claims from the date of a particular wage violation to file suit. This means that dancers who do not act quickly may lose money each week they decide not to assert their claims.

Who Is Eligible to Join the Clubhouse Lawsuit

All entertainers who have worked for Clubhouse over the past three years may be eligible for the Clubhouse Lawsuit. If you worked as a dancer for Clubhouse over the last three years, we invite you to call us at 214.749.1400 or toll free at 866.848.1400 to discuss your eligibility. If you meet the qualifications for the lawsuit, we will help you get started in the process to potentially recover you unpaid overtime wages.


Clubhouse Lawsuit: The Stakes Involved

Federal wage law may permit eligible current and former Bayou Well Services’ Operators to potentially recover double the amount of their unpaid wages, deducted tips, paid house fees, and assessed fines. Dancers may claim up to three years worth of wages, deducted tips, and money wrongfully paid in the Clubhouse lawsuit.


Clubhouse Lawsuit: Case Information

J. Derek Braziel and Jay Forester of Lee & Braziel, L.P. and Jack Siegel of the Siegel Law Group PLLC represent the potential class of exotic dancers in the Clubhouse lawsuit. The attorneys filed the lawsuit on behalf of their client and similarly situated exotic dancers on October 12, 2015. The Clubhouse Lawsuit is currently pending in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Case No. 3:15-cv-3289-G.

Clubhouse Lawsuit: Call Us

Please complete the confidential information form found below to discuss your eligibility for this lawsuit. You may also call or text us (yes, we do that for you) at (214) 790-4454. We look forward to hearing from you.

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