Corizon Health Lawsuit

The Siegel Law Group and Lee & Braziel have joined forces to prosecute a lawsuit against Corizon Health, Inc. on behalf of its current and former hourly-paid employees including nurses and medical assistants. The Corizon Health lawsuit alleges that Corizon Health owes its hourly employees unpaid wages because the company has regularly required these employees to work through lunch without pay.  For the many employees that regularly work 40 or more hours per week, this uncompensated time would be owed at overtime rates.

The Plaintiff that initiated the Corizon Health lawsuit claims that Corizon Health required her to frequently work through her meal breaks. Based on her initial estimate, Corizon Health could potentially be held liable for hundreds of hours of overtime and thousands of dollars. You can find a copy of the Original Complaint filed to initiate the Corizon Health lawsuit on March 22, 2016 here.

Who is Eligible for the Corizon Health Lawsuit

All hourly employees who have worked for Corizon Health over the past three years may be eligible for the Corizon Health lawsuit. If you worked as a Corizon Health hourly employee within the past three years, we invite you to call us at 214.749.1400 or toll free at 866.949.1400 to discuss your eligibility for the Corizon Health Lawsuit.

Corizon Health Has Faced Lawsuit

Corizon Health has faced lawsuits involving its current and former employees from no less than five different states over recent years.  In all of these actions, current and former employees have alleged that Corizon Health has violated Fair Labor Standards Act. We need your help to understand the extent of these violations and pursue Corizon Health employee claims to the maximum extent allowed under the law.

Corizon Health Lawsuit: The Stakes

Federal wage law may permit eligible current and former Corizon hourly employees to potentially recover double the amount of their unpaid overtime wages. Based upon current calculations for our clients, these damages could equal to more than $300 per week for some Corizon hourly employees. In addition, the law requires Corizon Health to pay attorneys’ fees and costs associated with pursuing the action.

Corizon Health Lawsuit: Case Information

Jack Siegel is collaborating with J. Derek Braziel and Jay Forester to represent the potential class of hourly employees in the Corizon Health Lawsuit. The attorneys filed the lawsuit on behalf of Teresa Short on March 22, 2016. The Corizon Health lawsuit is currently pending in the United States District Court for the District of Arizona, Tuscon Division, Case No. 4:16-cv-00050-TUC-RMM.

Corizon Health Lawsuit: Call Us

Please contact us regarding your eligibility for the Corizon Health lawsuit.  You may give us a call us at 214.749.1400 or toll free at 866.949.1400. If you prefer, you can also email Derek, Jack or Jay at the following email addresses:


Jay Forester:

Jack Siegel:

All consultations are absolutely free. If you are eligible and decide to join the Corizon Health lawsuit, we will take it on contingency. This means you owe us absolutely nothing unless we recover unpaid overtime wages for you.

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