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The Siegel Law Group PLLC and Lee & Braziel, LLP recently filed a federal overtime lawsuit against Nine Energy and Peak Pressure Control, LLC.  The lawsuit challenges the oilfield Nine Energy’s practice of failing to oilfield service workers overtime in addition to salary and a daily rate. The Nine Energy lawsuit lawsuit alleges that Nine Energy willfully misclassified pressure control operators as exempt from overtime in contravention of the Fair Labor Standards Act. The Siegel Law Group filed the Nine Energy lawsuit as a collective action. The putative class alleged includes all current and former pressure control operators who were (1) paid a day rate and salary, but did not receive overtime despite working over 40 hours in one or more workweek.

Background on Nine Energy and Its Subsidiaries

Nine Energy provides cementing, completion and wireline services throughout North America. If you have worked for any of the following Nine Energy subsidiaries over the past three years and feel as though Nine Energy wrongfully failed to provide you with overtime, please give us a call for a free consultation:

  • Northern States Completions is an oilfield subsidiary of Nine Energy “known as one of the most dynamic companies in unconventional completions with operations in the Bakken and Niobrara [Shales].”
  • Crest Pumping Technologies is an oilfield subsidiary of Nine Energy that provides “specialized cementing services provider that offers significant expertise and high-end equipment to perform horizontal cementing jobs in the Permian, Eagle Ford and Barnett Shales.”
  • CDK Perforating  is an oilfield service provider that “began as a perforating services provider near Fort Worth, Texas, and has grown to a company that also offers complete and timely wireline services for clients in Texas, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Eastern Ohio, Southern New York and Pennsylvania.
  • Dak-Tana Wireline is “a wireline services company known as the Pipe Recovery Experts” in the Bakken Shale [that] offers electric line cased hole logging, pipe recovery and plug setting services out of North Dakota and Montana.
  • Peak Pressure Control is an imperative part of Nine Energy’s oilfield services and “is an established pressure control services company in the Permian Basin with operations out of Midland, Texas and Bryan, Texas.

If you received a day rate or salary without receiving overtime compensation from Nine Energy, you may be eligible to joint this lawsuit to potentially recover your unpaid wages. 

Who is eligible to join the Nine Energy Lawsuit?

If you worked as a Nine Energy pressure control operator within the last three years and were not paid overtime, you may be eligible to join the Nine Energy lawsuit. We invite you to give us a call today at 214.790.4454 to discuss your eligibility to recover unpaid overtime wages.

Nine Energy Lawsuit: Potential Overtime Recovery

Federal wage law may permit eligible Nine Energy pressure control operators to recover double the amount of their unpaid  overtime wages. Current and former Nine Energy pressure control operators can seek unpaid wages for up to three years from the date the current or former employee joins the case. As a result, it’s important that Nine Energy pressure control operators act quickly to join the case in order to maximize their potential recovery.

Nine Energy Lawsuit: Case Information

J. Derek Braziel, Jay Forester, and Jack Siegel represent the potential class of Nine Energy pressure control operators in the lawsuit. The attorneys filed the lawsuit on behalf of Jason Snively, Stephen Clark, and all similarly situated technicians on August 26, 2016. Since the time the lawyers filed the overtime suit, over 20 pressure control operators have opted into the suit to potentially collect unpaid overtime. The lawsuit is currently pending in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas, Case No. 7:15-cv-00134-RAJ.

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