Schlumberger Lawsuit: Unpaid Overtime Wages

The Siegel Law Group PLLC and Lee & Braziel, LLP recently filed a overtime collective action lawsuit against Houston-based Schlumberger N.V. challenging the company’s policy of classifying certain oilfield workers as exempt from overtime. The Schlumberger lawsuit alleges that Schlumberger’s systematic failure to pay its HSE Coordinators and Specialists overtime violated the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Update: The Siegel Law Group and Lee & Braziel are now representing additional employees against Schlumberger including MWD Operators and Fracking Equipment Operators for wage violations. We are also investigating claims on behalf of all former and current Schlumberger employees who were paid a day rate and salary, but no overtime compensation. Please call us today if you have questions about your eligibility for a Schlumberger lawsuit to recover unpaid overtime wages.

The Siegel Law Group brought the Schlumberger lawsuit as a collective action and seek to send notice to all current and former Schlumberger HSE Coordinators and Specialists who worked for the company over the last three years to join the lawsuit.  If you are part of that group of individuals, give our firm a call at (214) 790-4454, or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Who is eligible to join the Schlumberger Lawsuit?

If you worked at Schlumberger within the last three years and were not paid overtime for working over 40 hours in a week (even if you were paid a salary or day rate), you may be eligible to join the Schlumberger overtime lawsuit and seek unpaid wages. Contact us today at 214.790.4454 to discuss your eligibility to collect unpaid overtime wages.

Schlumberger Lawsuit: Potential Overtime Recovery

Federal wage law may permit eligible Schlumberger employees and independent contractors to recover double the amount of their unpaid overtime wages. Current and former Schlumberger oilfield workers can seek unpaid wages for up to three years from the date the current or former employee joins the case. As a result, it’s important that Schlumberger oilfield workers act quickly to join the case in order to maximize their potential recovery.

Schlumberger Lawsuit: Case Information

Jack Siegel, J. Derek Braziel, and Jay Forester represent the potential class of Schlumberger HSE oilfield workers in the lawsuit. The attorneys filed the lawsuit on behalf of James Marty Ogle and all similarly situated individuals on June 29, 2015. The Schlumberger lawsuit is currently pending in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division, Case No. 3:15-cv-02181-N.

Schlumberger Lawsuit: Call Us

Please complete the confidential information form found below and we will contact you to discuss your eligibility to sue Schlumberger for unpaid overtime wages. If you prefer, give us a call or text at (214) 790-4454 to set up a free consultation regarding your eligibility for this and other oilfield overtime lawsuits.

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