Men’s Club Lawsuit

The Siegel Law Group PLLC and Lee & Braziel LP recently filed a federal wage lawsuit on behalf of current and former exotic dancers who worked at the Men’s Club’s locations in Dallas, Houston, and Charlotte as alleged “independent contractors” over the last three years.

The suit Men’s was filed as a collective action under the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Exotic dancers that wish to pursue their unpaid wages damages must join the Men’s Club lawsuit to be eligible to recover tips and fees paid to the Men’s Club and its managers, DJs and other employees. Additionally, these dancers could recover up to $14.50 per hour for every single hour they worked for Men’s Club within the last three years because of the Men’s Club’s alleged misclassification of them as independent contractors. 

Dancers who worked at the Men’s Club in Dallas, Houston or Charlotte over the last three (3) years are encouraged to call 214.749.1400, text 214.790.4454, or email us at to ask about their eligibility. They may also use the confidential information form here. Generally, dancers are eligible to join the Men’s Club Lawsuit if they worked for the Men’s Club over the past three (3) years and were classified as independent contractors.

Men’s Club Lawsuit Allegations

The federal lawsuit challenges the Men’s Club’s policy of classifying exotic dancers and strippers as independent contractors to avoid paying them  in compliance with federal law. The Men’s Club lawsuit specifically seeks to recover wages for dancers that suffered from the following acts and omissions that allegedly violate the FLSA:

  • Charging “House Fees” to Exotic Dancers;
  • Requiring Exotic Dancers to share tips with DJs and “House Moms”;
  • Charging Exotic Dancers for failing to work on certain days;
  • Taking out excessive percentage of credit card/”funny money tips; and
  • Failing to pay Exotic Dancers minimum wage in addition to tips.

The Men’s Club lawsuit claims that exotic dancers who worked at the club over the past three years are owed double the amount of the outstanding fees, tips, and wages because the Defendants willfully violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). Current and former Men’s Club exotic dancers who worked at Men’s Clubs locations in Dallas, Houston or Charlotte are encouraged to call 214.749.1400, text 214.790.4454, or email us at  to find out about their eligibility. We’ll keep the call strictly confidential.

Retaliation Warning

Gentleman’s Clubs are notorious for attempting to intimidate entertainers who assert their federally protected wage rights. Gentleman’s Clubs have been known to fire, demote, or put exotic dancers into less desirable shifts when they join a Fair Labor Standards lawsuit. This type of behavior constitutes retaliation under the law. If you join the Men’s Club lawsuit, please know that our lawyers will do everything in their power to protect your job. We frequently deal with retaliatory behavior and know the steps to take to make sure that retaliation is either a non-issue or makes our clients more money. We do not allow our clients to be intimidated.

If the Men’s Club retaliates against you in anyway, please let us know. We will file a lawsuit, if necessary, to curb the behavior upon you providing notice and proof of a serious retaliator act. Even if you don’t join this case, please also let us know if you hear or have proof about any retaliatory acts taken by the Men’s Club. We will keep your call stricly confidential.

Men’s Club Lawsuit Has High Chances for Success Under the Law

Under Fifth Circuit precedent, nearly all courts have determined that exotic dancers and strippers are considered employees under the law. They are therefore entitled to minimum wage and overtime in addition to their lawfully earned tips. To find out more information regarding the law on independent misclassification and entertainers’ rights to compensation go here.

The Men’s Club Lawsuit: Your Rights May Expire If You Fail To Act Quickly

The statute of limitations for federal wage claims is two to three years. If you worked for the Men’s Club as a stripper or exotic dancer over the past three years, you may lose money everyday you wait to join this lawsuit. The law only allows employees to collect unpaid minimum wage, overtime wages, and unpaid tips dating back three years from the time a plaintiff joins a federal lawsuit brought pursuant to the Fair Labor Standards Act. As a result, if you have interest in joining the Men’s Club lawsuit, we suggest you do it as soon as possible.

Who is eligible to join the The Men’s Club Wage Lawsuit?

If you worked as an exotic dancer for the The Men’s Club in Dallas, Houston, or Charlotte within the last three years, you may be eligible to join the Men’s Club Lawsuit to recover your unpaid wages and unlawfully deducted tips.

The Men’s Club Lawsuit: Potential Wage Recovery

Federal wage law may permit eligible exotic dancers and strippers to recover double the amount of their unpaid minimum wages, deducted tips and fees paid. Current and former exotic dancers can seek unpaid wages and unpaid tips for up to three years from the date the current or former employee joins the case. As a result, it’s important that exotic dancers and strippers act quickly to join the case in order to maximize their potential recovery.

The Men’s Club Lawsuit: Case Information

J. Derek Braziel and Jay Forester of Lee & Braziel, L.P. and Jack Siegel of the Siegel Law Group PLLC represent the potential class of exotic dancers in the Men’s Club lawsuit. The attorneys filed the lawsuit on behalf of one exotic dancer and all similarly situated entertainers on October 13, 2015. This lawsuit is currently pending in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Case No. 3:15-cv-3298-L.

The Men’s Club Lawsuit: Call Us

Please complete the confidential information form found below and we will contact you to discuss the lawsuit and your potential claim. You may also call 214.749.1400, text 214.790.4454, or email us at to find out your eligibility to recover tips, paid fees, and wages.

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