Wyoming Casing Lawsuit

A. Wyoming Casing Lawsuit: Wage Claim Basics

The Siegel Law Group and Lee & Braziel have filed a lawsuit against against Wyoming Casing Service, Inc. (“Wyoming Casing”). The Law Firms filed the unpaid wage lawsuit on behalf of current and former Wyoming Casing Employees (“Employees” or “Workers”) that received either:

  • Pay based on foot of pipe laid (“Footage Pay”); or
  • Pay provided on a per-job basis (“Per-Job Pay”)

at any time over the past three (3) years. Find the Original Complaint filed in federal court to initiate the Lawsuit here.

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American Casing, Butch’s Rat HoleBull Rogers, Byrd Oilfield Services, Cosi Casing, DC Power Tong, Double D Tong, Gabes CasingLewis Casing, Noble Casing, Rocky Mountain CasingSmith Casing, Titan Casing & Wyoming Casing. 

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B. Wyoming Casing Lawsuit: Who is Eligible?

We believe all employees who received Footage Pay or Per-Job Pay are eligible to join the Wyoming Casing Lawsuit if they worked for Wyoming Casing over the past three (3) years. We encourage all Wyoming Casing workers employed over the past three years to contact us to aid with our investigation of this lawsuit.

Your help will allow us to bolster our client’s allegations and help to strengthen the claims of all individuals who elect to join the Wyoming Casing Lawsuit.

C. Wyoming Casing Lawsuit: The Potential Stakes Involved

Federal wage law permits eligible current and former Wyoming Casing Employees to potentially recover double the amount of their unpaid overtime wages. Based on estimates from our clients in in this case, we believe that individuals paid Footage Pay may be due over a thousand dollars per pay period of their employment if Wyoming Casing failed to comply with federal overtime laws.

D. Wyoming Casing Lawsuit: Statute of Limitations Concerns in Federal Wage Lawsuits

WARNING: Employees in federal overtime actions can only recover wages dating three years back from the date they file their consent in federal court in an unpaid wage lawsuit. As a result, Employees that do not timely file their consent in a federal wage action may lose money each and every day they fail to file their consent in a federal lawsuit.

E. Wyoming Casing Lawsuit: Our Client’s Allegations

The Wyoming Casing Lawsuit claims that Wyoming Casing cheated its employees of proper overtime because it failed to:

  • Include Per Foot or Per Job pay to increase the overtime rate paid to Workers; and
  • Count hours spent working on a Per Foot or Per Job Basis towards overtime hours.

You may find a copy of the Complaint filed to initiate the Wyoming Casing Lawsuit here.

F. Wyoming Casing Lawsuit: Case Information

Jack Siegel, J. Derek Braziel, and Jay Forester represent the potential class of Casing Employees in the Wyoming Casing Lawsuit. The attorneys filed the lawsuit on behalf of Eric Burrus on April 19, 2016. The Wyoming Casing Lawsuit is currently pending in the United States District Court for North Dakota, Western Division, Case No. 1:16-cv-00080-CSM.

G. Wyoming Casing Lawsuit: Call Us

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